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Embarrassing: More than 7 newborns died in 2 months, Know reason

News Track 2020-01-12 04:01:00

In today's time, the country is not taking the name of the stories of the increasing incidents in the state, the same thing is found somewhere, one has got to hear the same thing recently in Rajasthan. In Kota, the situation in Dehradun district is also worrying, due to the incidents of death of newborn children due to cold. If we believe the government figures, 7 children have died in the district in the last 2 months. While the data of private hospitals is not included in this. Doon State Medical Hospital has instructed all doctors to remain alert. On the other hand, the Health Department has also asked all government and private hospitals to give information in this regard.

According to the information received from the Office of the Chief Medical Officer, 3 newborns have died in the district in November and 4 in December. It has been revealed that out of these 3 children died of pneumonia in December. According to doctors, there were various problems in the rest of the children from birth. Still, there death audit is going on. The most worrying thing is that the death toll of newborns in private hospitals is not included in it.

The health department does not even have an accurate figure of the actual number of newborn deaths. The second thing to worry is that the CMO office is not getting daily reports from government hospitals also. Chief Medical Officer Dr. Meenakshi Joshi claims that all government hospitals (primary health centers) in the district have facilities for New Born Baby Care. The private hospital has also been strictly directed to give updated information about the death of the newborn.