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West Bengal: BJP office in Asansol set ablaze, party blames TMC

MSN 2020-01-13 04:22:00

A Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) office in a village in Asansol, West Bengal, was set ablaze by some goons Sunday night, newsagency ANI reported.

The BJP alleged that the Trinamool Congress (TMC) was behind the incident, however, the TMC has denied the allegations.

The party even accused TMC goon of attacking BJP office, earlier too, in a similar way.

Asansol: A BJP office in Salanpur village was set ablaze last night. BJP has alleged that TMC is behind the incident. Police has begun investigation.

ANI (@ANI) January 13, 2020

BJP leader Gopal Roy said that TMC goons have set the party office on fire because they are worried about the growing influence of the BJP in the area.

Gopal Roy said that the BJP had organised a programme to distribute blankets in the area where a large number of people had assembled. "After this, the TMC got worried and set ablaze the party office being jealous of the BJP," he said.

However, TMC leader Hareram Tiwari denied the allegation made by the BJP.

Hareram Tiwari said that the incident is the result of the conflict within their party (BJP). Tiwari even alleged that the BJP leaders "do all illegal activities including alcohol consumption inside the party office."

The BJP said that police reached late to the spot despite being informed soon after the party office caught fire.

Police are investigating the matter.