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Kidman shares advice she gives daughters on sexual harassment

Shillong Times 2020-01-12 22:33:16

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Actress Nicole Kidman has shared the advice she gives her daughters Sunday, 11, and Faith, 9, about sexual harassment. The actress, who stars in “Bombshell”, which is about sexual harassment claims at Fox News, has shared how working on the film had encouraged her to have deeper conversations with her two young daughters, reports “Every woman has encountered it (sexual harassment) in some way, shape or form,” the 52-year-old told The Daily Telegraph. Kidman said sexual harassment impacts people differently, and that the movie aims to educate and encourage people to talk about it. “A lot of it is making it safer for people so ultimately we have a safer world, a safer workplace,” she said. “I’m raising two little girls right now so there’s a lot of conversations in our house about having the right to say no to many different things,” she added. (IANS)