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Peter Weber 'The Bachelor' Maple Syrup Scene Twitter Response 2020-01-14 02:20:00
  • Fans noticed that something was a bit weird about the Bachelor Mansion in, there was a random bottle of maple syrup on the coffee table during a cocktail party.
  • People on Twitter also spotted a bottle of whipped cream, and now I'm SO confused.

    You guys, it's only the second week of Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor, and the producers have a LOT to do. They still have 394,249 contestants to keep up with, they have to keep Peter from fully ditching the show to date Hannah Brown again, and some poor intern somewhere is probably stuck in a room sorting through dozens of roses to find the most television-ready ones.

    I say all of this because maybe it helps explain how the good people who make the show totally forgot to clear a FULL BOTTLE of maple syrup from a coffee table during the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party tonight. Seriously, this bottle was really getting it's 15 minutes of fame and sneaking into shots like this:

    And this:

    And is it just me, or does this totally remind you of those now-iconic Game of Thrones moments where you can see a random Starbucks cup in a scene that takes place in Winterfell, and also some water bottles just chilling under the Ser Davos and Samwell Tarly's chairs during a scene in King's Landing?

    Anyways, Twitter obviously wasn't going to let this slide, and quickly questioned why there was a bottle of syrup just hanging out:

    Other viewers pointed out the bottle of whipped cream right next to it:

    So, with both the whipped cream and the syrup maybe they had just been having dessert? Like, waffles? It's all very unclear!

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