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Celebration of Lohri on the sets of 'Yeh Rishta ...', Naira danced fiercely

News Track 2020-01-14 09:44:00

There is an atmosphere of happiness on TV's very best show 'Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai'. Goenka and Singhania family are soon to celebrate Lohri in the show and just a few hours ago, the Lohri celebrations track has been shot on the set, pictures of which have been revealed. In fact, at this time all the pictures that came out of the set have also become increasingly viral on social media, which you can see.

Everyone looks happy in these pictures. You can see that after looking at a picture, Mohsin, that is, Kartik, looks like Shah Rukh Khan. Talking about Naira at the same time, she has reached to celebrate Lohri as usual and Kartik is seen in anger. According to the news, during this track, Kartik will expose Vedika and Naira is going to dance a lot during this time.

Along with Gayu Samarth, he will be seen flying a lot of kites and Kairav will also fly a kite with his mother Naira. During this, Naira was also doing her dance and in the midst of Lohri celebrations, Kartik lavished love on Kairav, which is clearly seen in the picture. By the way, the Goenka family seems so immersed in the celebration of Lohri that after centuries, they have got this happiness and this celebration will cover the secret of Vedika.