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Unity Among Opposition Important In Anti-CAA Protests, Says Amartya Sen

The India Print 2020-01-14 14:36:29

Economist and Nobelist Amartya Sen on Monday urged opposition to remain united on the difficulty of protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

"In any quite protest, the opposition unity is vital because it makes it easier for everybody . Unity is vital if the protests are happening for the proper reasons," Sen told reporters here at the Rabindra Sadan.

"Whatever is important must be done but if unity isn't there, then still we've to maneuver on," he added.

Earlier last week, Sen had said that the Supreme Court should turn down the CAA upon being questioned on the anti-CAA protests being held by students at many places across the country.

"The student community features a great many issues to believe . But the CAA in my judgment should really be turned down by the Supreme Court on the grounds of being unconstitutional. you can't have certain sorts of fundamental rights of citizenry , during this case, connected with citizenship, be related with religious differences instead of the items that basically matter like where you were born, and what the citizenship laws require you to try to to ," Sen said.

He further argued for a far better process of granting citizenship under which mistreated communities barring none would be ready to apply and obtain Indian citizenship.