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Priyanshu Bhardwaj a stunning YouTuber and rapper

News Track 2020-01-14 02:48:00

Priyanshu Bhardwaj (born 03 may 1996) is an Indian comedian, Rapper and YouTube personality from Chandpur, India. He is known for his YouTube comedy channel PasskiVines.

He gained a great following by doing YouTube videos and is popular across the globe. In such a short time, he got fame which justifies how talented he is. He is not only famous on YouTube but Instagram too,Instagram username PasskiVines and having around 300K Followers  

Priyanshu was always interested in acting and was a mischievous child. 

Did anyone of us imagine that by doing such small and funny videos without great investment we could become a star? Well, Mr. Priyanshu did imagine and now he is a star. 

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