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To get rid of debt problem, Know the effects and results of Mars

News Track 2020-01-14 04:39:00

If you have ever taken any loan from anyone, then Mars is mainly responsible for the debt. The lord of the sixth house is also responsible for the debt. If the lord of the sixth house is not in a good state and Mars is suffering, then the debt becomes a problem.

- Mars (Mangal) has been given the status of Senapatika among the Navagrahas.
- Mars is the lord of strength, energy, confidence, and might.
- Its main element is a fire element and its main color is red.
- Tamba is its metal and barley, red lentils, etc are its grains of charity.
- Aries and Scorpio are its zodiac signs.
- Mars is high in Capricorn and low in Cancer.

- The person becomes cruel and violent in nature.
- The level of confidence and courage is weak.
- The person has to face difficulties in the matter of property and land.
- Surrounds a person with blood-related problems
- Debt and litigation are frequent and sometimes even a jail visit.
- If it is related to the marriage sense, then marital life becomes bad everyday family feud remains a struggle

- A person is courageous and generous, full of confidence in him.
- One gets great success in courage and technical fields.