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New twist in TV serial 'Mere Dad Ki Dulhan', used this app for finding love

News Track 2020-01-14 06:16:00

Dating apps are becoming very popular to find new partners. The craze of dating apps among users is growing very fast. In this era of socialization, people have been restless about relationships. Many TV shows and movies are also proving helpful in popularizing it. Something similar is now seen in 'Mere Dad Ki Dulhan'. The romance between Gunnet Sikka (Shweta Tiwari) and Ambar Sharma (Varun Badola) is similar. The relationship between the two is now about to take a new turn.

Nia (Anjali) realizes that a partner is needed for emotional and physical support in life. Nia works for a dating website vibration. In giving his opinion, Varun Badola says that 'after age, it becomes difficult to find people like yourself. But, after the introduction of social networking app, especially the dating app, it seems easy. I have realized that because of the dating app, the possibility of meeting new people around you increases. When the question arises that this life has meaning then the answer is 'love'.

In this show, Varun further says that 'You will see Ambar in the show looking for his partner on the dating website. The best thing is that Ambar may be unhappy but his daughter is very happy with this move. That is why he creates a profile for Ambar on the dating app. Varun says that this is a progressive concept that is proving to be a boon for many people. In the upcoming track of the show, you will see that Nia is working to find a partner for her father. She takes it as a mission. She will ask her father Ambar to create a profile on the dating app.