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Nissan turned a GT-R into a camera car

Geeky Gadgets 2020-02-13 20:13:30

Nissan wanted to shoot some images and video of the 2020 GT-R NISMO sports car and says that it needed a camera car that was able to keep up with the Nissan GT-R on the racetrack. It opted to take another Nissan GT-R and turn it into a camera car. Mauro Calo is a professional driver and automotive video expert.

He says that the performance of the GT-R camera car and its four seats make it an ideal platform. He normally uses a high-performance SUV as a camera car, but they needed something faster this time out.

The standard GT-R was converted into a camera car by welding a frame to the chassis that would hold the weight of a professional carbon fiber camera gimbal. Check out the camera car in the video above.

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