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From Learning the Law to Living the Law: Insights from two of Gujarat’s Emininant Retired High Court Judges at Parul University’s recently held  National Seminar.

Daily Excelsior 2020-02-13 18:00:00

As a way of instilling within the students, the significant and moral values enshrined in the Indian Constitution, city based Parul University on the eve of the 71st  Republic Day, took the initiative of organising a national knowledge sharing platform. Running under the theme “Constitutional Morality”, this National seminar hosted Gujarat’s most eminent Honourable jurists, who shared their  learned expertise on the subject. The event was graced by the presence of two notable judicial luminaries, Hon’ble Justice Ravi Tripathi, Retired Judge, High Court of Gujarat and Former member, Law Commission of India as the Chief Guest along with Hon’ble Justice K. A. Puj, Retired Judge, High Court of Gujarat as the seminar’s Guest of Honour. The occasion significantly shed light on the need of adhering to the moral values prescribed by the constitution in the day to day life of every citizen of India.

This National seminar was put together, by Parul University’s Faculty of Law, as a way of facilitating a platform for members of the legal academic community to share and reflect on various subjects related to the constitution. Honorable Justice Tripathi highlighted the various constitutional bodies and the manner in which they collectively function. In his remarks, he urged the budding law students of Parul University to not only know the constitution, but adhere to its moral values. Honourable Justice K.A Puj, not only shared the contemporary concerns surrounding the constitution, he also went on to trace the historical judicial trends within the social, economic and political context of India. The insightful ideologies shared by the two renowned judicial experts were met by a great appreciation  not only by the University’s students but also the various members of Vadodara’s legal community.

“Having these esteemed honourable personalities who have made a mark not only in Gujarat’s legal community but in India as a whole, is by all means a valuable opportunity. The enlightenment which they have shared regarding the significance of upholding the constitution, beyond merely studying it as a statutory provision, to uphold it as a life principle, is truly enriching for us as legal students, “ said Wilfred Mukawu,a  student under the Faculty of Law.

In addition, as part of the seminar proceedings, a book entitled “Law and Justice in the era of globalisation” jointly authored by the University’s Dean of Law, Dr Akil Saiyed and Mr. Faiz Ayat Ansari had its first debut through the hands of the  two eminent judges. Parul University’s Faculty of Law comprises of a diversified blend of students from 9 countries across the globe, making PU an ideal platform for enriching global legal perspectives. The students were presented with the opportunity to engage with the retired honourable justices, on various subjects, and they went on to share pages out of their rich experiences in the legal fraternity.

Organising such a platform for sharing and highlighting the significance of the constitution and the need to uphold its moral code is by all means of great importance. As Parul University, we are greatly Honoured to have the presence of such esteemed legal personalities in our campus, to share a page out of their rich legal experience with our students. We will continue creating such platforms which not only portray the curriculum education, but the National impact which comes when such knowledge is applied“, shared the PU President Dr Devanshu J Patel.