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Feline flick: #Cats_The_Mewvie documentary explores Internet cat culture

Delhi News-Record 2020-02-14 00:28:01

Celebrity Internet cat Lil Bub appears in the Netfix documentary #CATS_The_Mewvie. Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images

We’ve developed this amazing technology, and all we do is look at cats on it.

So goes the constant social media refrain about the overabundance of feline memes, videos, and images on the Internet. But as Keely Booth, writer and co-executive producer of the Netflix documentary #CATS_The_Mewvie observes, what’s wrong with that?

“There’s the stereotype of the crazy cat lady, and it’s not actually true,” says Booth, who made the documentary with several of her friends after working multiple back-to-back seasons on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette Canada. “What is true is that there are people looking to connect, and they connect through the Internet. Commenting on and sharing cat posts makes them feel good. At the end of the day, that’s all it’s about.”

Booth, who shares her home with several cats (and a one-eyed basset hound) says she counts several highlights from the making of the film. Not just getting to meet and pet a number of the cats she’d seen on her Instagram feed, but also hearing the enthusiasm of pet owners happy to talk about why their cats are so important to them. So is she burnt out from all of the cat talk, memes, and videos? Not a chance.

“I follow cats now more than I ever did before,” she laughs. “Not only are the people in the community sweet, they’re so conscious. Going to cat conventions and meeting people whose livelihoods depends on this was enlightening. For all the dark undertones to that scene, for lots of people it’s about raising awareness on topics like special needs and pet adoptions; it’s a powerful tool in that regard.”

#CATS_The_Mewvie is currently playing on Netflix.