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Dangerous: Symptoms you may know that you are eating more salt

News Crab 2020-02-14 13:12:43
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Eating less salt is tasteless, so many people have a habit of repeatedly pouring salt in the food, but this habit can be harmful to your health because doing so can increase the amount of sodium in your body. It might be possible. We are telling you such symptoms by which you can know whether you are eating too much salt? Come, know .....

1. Delay Decision-Making: You will not be confident, but a 2011 Canadian study revealed that too much salt affects your brain. Those who ate more salt had unclear work than those who ate less salt. They found the weakness in decision making power by understanding their work due to excess salt.

2. You feel more thirsty: Every time you feel thirsty may not mean an excess of salt, but in most cases, thirst may increase as the amount of salt in the body increases. This is because your body wants to remove more sodium from its system.

3. You feel unnecessarily swollen: Yes, it may sound strange, but one night more salt can leave many effects on your body, it is called edema. You get swelling in your body without any reason.

4. Stones can occur: Too much salt in the diet can affect your kidney function. Salt increases the amount of protein in the urine, it is dangerous. You may have stones.

5. High blood pressure: You must have heard that people who have blood pressure should eat less salt. Know that too much salt can make you a patient of blood pressure.

6. Stomach ulcers: In many cases, excess salt can cause stomach ulcers. Salt is so terrible that it can cause cancer in animals.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures