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The Iron Mask Trailer: Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Trying Kill Each Other, Will Make You Laugh (Watch Video)

Latestly 2020-02-14 13:07:35

The Iron Mask Trailer (Photo Credits: YouTube)

A new trailer for the upcoming action-comedy, The Iron Mask, has dropped on the internet. If your hears doesn't automatically fill up with sheer joy whenever a Jackie Chan action flick is about to release, you are not the target audience. So, don't bother. But also get your tastebuds checked. The first trailer of The Iron Mask is brimming with fascinating CGI sequences as much as it is with insane action sequences. It is a delight to watch Jackie Chan at loggerheads with Arnold Schwarzenegger. These two stalwarts light up the screen with their presence. And make up for the absolute haywire-ness of the footage. Seriously, what the actual hell is happening in this movie? Shah Rukh Khan, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Jackie Chan in One Frame at the Joy Forum 2019 Is Sunday Done Right! (View Pics).

These two action legends not only fight it out, in slick combat sequences, but also dish out funny dialogues while at it. The humour is bizarre and intriguing. Also, the mystical touch to the story adds one more point to watch The Iron Mask on the big screen. Terminator Dark Fate Star Arnold Schwarzenegger Feels Action Movies Are like Political Election Campaigns - Here's Why.

Watch The Trailer of The Iron Mask Here:

Although, hold your horses. Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger merely have special appearances in the film. It will be Jason Flemyng leading the show. The trailer does make it look like Jackie and Arnold are the main stars. They might be the main attraction, but not exactly leading the pack here.