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Jameis Winston Pushes SUV On Street, Somebody Sign Me!

TMZ 2020-03-23 22:05:16
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Jameis Winston is taking his offseason training to the streets -- literally -- pushing a 5,500-pound SUV up an incline ... in an effort to remind NFL teams he's still a beast!

The 26-year-old just lost his job in Tampa Bay to some old guy ... and while his agents work on getting Winston a deal with another squad, Jameis decided to put in some work!

We did some research ... Winston is pushing a 2020 Ford Expedition -- which weighs between 5,500 and 5,800 pounds depending on how tricked out it is.

Oh, and it looks like he's working out on an INCLINE -- so gravity ain't helping him out there. Winston even busts out a little sprint at the end.

Jameis led the NFL with 5,109 passing yards in 2019 and set a Bucs single-season franchise record with 33 TD passes.

BUUUUT ... he also led the NFL with 30 interceptions -- 7 of which were returned for TDs.

Will the SUV video help Jameis get hired somewhere else? Maybe, maybe not ... but it's still impressive.