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Stevie Nicks shares updates with fans, inspired by Harry Styles

Digitaljournal 2020-03-23 22:22:31
Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Stevie Nicks has updated her fans and followers during the Coronavirus outbreak with a post on her social media pages. Nicks shared that she knows that everybody is doing the best they can to help the situation that everybody is in. The rock queen noted that she is staying in with he goddaughters and her assistant, Karen, as well as their dogs (Lily Luna and Mana), as she thinks of creative things to do to stay active. She is getting all of her drawings and paintings out to stay creative, and she revealed that she is listening to music, in particular, Hary Styles' Fine Line album. Speaking of Styles, he has served as a muse and an inspiration for her to write some new songs and poetry, and subsequently described that collection as his "Rumours." Nicks closed her post by sharing her on what to do during this "free time" and "terrible news": "Just Dance. This will pass. Love will find a way. It always does. Love, Stevie P.S. I'll be in touch..."


— Stevie Nicks (@StevieNicks) March 23, 2020
Less than one year ago, Nicks made music history becoming the first woman to get inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice.