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This is how Netflix solve data problem

News Track 2020-03-24 05:48:00

Half the world is imprisoned in homes due to the coronavirus. Millions of people are working from home. Those who are home are spending their time watching online videos and playing games. Meanwhile, the European Union has told platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video Streaming to stop showing videos in high definition (HD) quality or else there may be an internet outage problem as users grow.

Simultaneously, European Commissioner Thierry Bretton has tweeted that all UK companies should be streaming video in Standard Definition (SD) quality for a few days. On the other hand, Thierry made this tweet based on a conversation with CEO Reed Hastings for Netflix. He used #SwitchtoStandard and said that HD should be turned off when it is not necessary. Following this tweet, a Netflix spokesperson told CNN Business that Hastings and Bretton would again discuss the issue on Thursday.

A Netflix spokesperson said, "Commissioner Breton is right to ensure that the Internet runs smoothly at this critical time." While we have focused on network efficiency for many years, including telecom companies providing our open connect service is also present. On the other hand, Netflix has said that it has already adjusted video quality so that people continue to get good video quality even on low bandwidth.