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20 Best Money-Making Apps 2020-03-24 05:50:00

Before you ask: Nope, this is not a scam. I wouldn't do you like that!

Another important truth: It's always the right time to just stay home from work and do basically nothing. But making money is also pretty important. I see it. I want it. I don't got it.

Because you've might have a LOT of free time on your hands (*sigh*), may I present to you a bunch of apps that allow you to earn cash without having to having to clock into an office somewhere. What’re you waiting for? Get on that phone and #makethatmoney.

1. If You're Feeling Particularly Helpful


Free on iTunes and Google Play

Got any “special skills”? (You aren’t alone, Liam Neeson.) Or are you willing to become someone’s errand person for a day? Hop on to TaskRabbit, where you can connect with people looking to have someone complete specific tasks for them, like picking up groceries (just be safe out there and wash your hands).

2. If You're Thinking About the Future


    Free on iTunes and Google Play

    This investment app rounds up all your purchases to the nearest dollar and then invests that spare change (in a portfolio of bonds and stocks), which grows over time. You can start with as little as $1 a month. Keep the change indeed!

    3. If You Wanna Save More Money Than You Spend


      Free on iTunes and Google Play

      Wait, shopping online can actually earn money? Sign me up! Use this app whenever you shop stores like Amazon and Zara and receive cash back for it. You can also earn points that count toward gift cards for similar brands (Adidas, Starbucks, Walmart, you name it!).

      4. If You're Looking to Sell Some Sh*t


        Free on iTunes and Google Play

        This app is an online marketplace to sell stuff or services within a five-mile radius, making it more convenient to connect with potential buyers. Making laziness even lazier is a sentiment I'm fully on board with.

        5. If You've Seen Too Much "Family Feud"

        Survey Junkie

          Free on iTunes and Google Play

          Download the app, create an account, and take daily surveys on your spending habits, eating habits, video games, or just life in general. You'll rack up points for your hard work and cash them in for actual cash via PayPal or gift cards.

          6. If You Get Bored Easily

          Money App

            Free on iTunes and Google Play

            The app allows you to get paid for taking surveys, providing opinions, participating in market research, mystery shopping, playing games, or even joining a trial for games and products. The money shows up in your PayPal account a couple days or so after earning your reward. (*insert Jerry Maguire GIF here*)

            7. If You Want To Turn "Snap" into "Cha-Ching"


              Free on iTunes and Google Play

              Now this app is kinda creepy but also kinda genius. Upload your photos or videos from your phone and sell them to brands to use for marketing campaigns or other purposes. Pretty sweet, right? Maybe don't send that sneaky shot of the cute guy in the Starbucks line, though.

              8. If You're Looking to Drive Around Town


                Free on iTunes and Google Play

                Become a Lyft driver and chauffeur people around town. All you really need is a car, a valid driver’s license, and a clear background check.

                9. If You're in the Thrifting Mood


                  Free on iTunes and Google Play

                  The virtual thrift store will send you a bag to fill with all the clothes, handbags, shoes, and other random stuff you don’t wear anymore. Send that bag back via USPS (the postage is FREE!) and they'll pay you in cash, store credit, or gift cards for each item sold.

                  10. If You're the Best Host


                    Free on iTunes and Google Play

                    Rent out your house, apartment, or even a spare room to visitors via the app. You can list your place, manage reservations, communicate with guests, or even offer your services as a tour guide through your hometown.

                    11. If You're Hoarding Books


                      Free on iTunes and Google Play

                      It's an online marketplace for books! Scan the ISBN codes on any of your used novels or textbooks and upload it onto the app. Then, check out the offers for your books and ship them off to the highest bidder.

                      12. If You Pace Nervously


                        Free on iTunes and Google Play

                        This is the only app that could convince me to exercise, TBH. Connect the app to your phone’s accelerometer and GPS and you'll get paid for your steps! For every 1000 steps you take, you’re paid 0.95 "sweatcoins." You can cash those in for actual money, use those to buy fitness gear, or even some fitness classes. You can also donate them to charity, if that's your jam.

                        13. If You Used to Be a Nanny


                          Free on iTunes and Google Play

                          This is essentially a carpool app for kids. Using Kango, you can schedule rides and carpools to pick kids (and sometimes their parents) up, drop them off, or pick up an odd babysitting job. OFC, everyone using the app to make $$ gets a background check—just a heads up.

                          14. If You Love Dogs


                            Free on iTunes and Google Play

                            Want the cutest job ever? Wag allows you to become a sitter or walker for good boys. Register yourself as a dog walker or dog sitter and wait patiently someone to hire you to give their smushy doge a little love and care. We should all be on this.

                            15. If You've Got Opinions


                              Free on iTunes and Google Play

                              Behold, another survey app: share your opinion on products you’ve used and stores you've visited and score cash, gift cards, or airline points. Oh, also, your activities are actually called "missions," so you're basically James Bond.

                              16. If You Don't Really Want To Do Anything


                                Free on Google Play

                                You’re essentially “renting out” (giving the app access to) your lock screen by allowing the app to display news stories, trends, and deals on it. You earn cash and rewards whether you engage with the pop ups on your screen or not. I don't make the rules.

                                17. If You Have Shopping Remorse A Lot


                                  Free on iTunes and Google Play

                                  iBotta lets you earn cash back on any of your purchases. Go to the app and shop using one of their many retailers (don’t worry, all your faves are there). Once you’re done, upload the receipt onto the app. You should receive some bucks back in your iBotta account within 48 hours.

                                  18. If You've Got some Lewks to Spare


                                    Free on iTunes and Google Play

                                    Whether you've got some designer swag you'd like to sell or you're thinking of starting your very own online re-sale boutique, you can use Poshmark to list your items. Just know that shipping is on you.

                                    19. If You're New to Budgeting


                                      Free on iTunes and Google Play

                                      This app isn’t necessarily going to earn you any extra bread, but it will help manage what you already have. Mint tracks your purchases and creates a budget that allows you to save extra $$ in the long run. Finally, an app to tell me that I probably shouldn’t have gone to Starbucks for the third time today.

                                      20. If You Love Coupon Clipping


                                        Free on iTunes and Google Play

                                        Again, technically you don’t earn any money off this, but you will save on things you want to buy anyway. Groupon has coupons on pretty much anything you need, like haircuts, massages, dinners out with your boo. Also, it’ll get you a couple degrees of separation closer to their spokesperson, Tiffany Haddish, so win-win.