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Here's the reason being 21-day lockdown

News Track 2020-03-25 04:37:00

The impact of coronavirus on Indian economy has started showing India lockdown six days ago Janata curfew and now 21 days lockdown in India, means everything closed. For the second time in six days, Prime Minister Modi addressed the people of the country for 21 days lockdown.

Regarding this matter, PM Modi has clearly said that no one in this country will step out of his house for these 21 days. If we cannot manage within 21 days, India will go back 21 years and many more Families will fall prey to this virus. By staying at home for 21 days, we can protect ourselves along with the country. What will happen in the next 21 days? Why was Prime Minister Modi forced to take a decision to lockdown the whole of India for 21 days? There is a logic behind this too.

For your information, let us tell you that the number of corona infections in India has gone up to 582. So this number does not increase further, it depends on us a lot. PM Modi has made it clear in his address that if we succeed in these 21 days If done, we will save ourselves, our family and our society and if we fail, we will lose many families. We all have to be restrained that no matter what happens, we do not bring the Lakshman Rekha of our home.