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This video of Nazia with Fahd Fasil went viral

News Track 2020-03-26 10:27:00

Amid fears of the Coronavirus, most celebrities have self-aggrandized and are making every effort to stay connected with fans. Everyone is engaged in educating the public to be safe from the virus, they are also using this valuable time to relax. Actress Nazreen is also protecting herself and all those around her by practising self-quarantine.

Simultaneously catching up on social media's latest viral challenge "The Hand Emoji Challenge", Nazia took to her social media handle to share the captivating video with her husband Fahd Fasil, whose expressions are priceless. While "I explain to my husband how it works (look at his face), this guy has no clue what is going on #quarantineandchill," said Nazia.

In the short video clip shared by the actress, she can be seen trying to flash hand emojis on her phone screen. 

— Nazriya Nazim (@Nazriya4U_) March 21, 2020