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Coronavirus can spread by having sex: claims in research

News Crab 2020-05-12 11:20:33
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A number of measures are being taken to prevent the growing infection of the coronavirus. This dangerous virus is also affecting sexual relationships. However, till now it is believed that infection of the virus spreads only after coming in contact with a person infected with Kovid-19. But a recent study in China has revealed that if a corona is in a relationship with an infected person, their sperm may increase the risk of infection.

Actually, this study was done on corona infected patients admitted to the ShangQ Municipal Hospital in China. The study found symptoms of Kovid-19 in sperm from 6 patients out of 38 Corona-infected patients. However, according to scientists, such patients are being found in very small numbers.

Many patients will have to investigate this for more information on the outbreak of the coronavirus by forming relationships. The findings of this study are published in the JMM Network Open Medical on Thursday. In this case, the coronavirus can fall under the category of sexually transmitted diseases.

Ellen Paisie, professor of andrology at Sheffield University in Britain, says that there has been no strong evidence yet of whether Kovid-19 transmits sexually. So far the coronavirus remains active only in the throat, nose, and lungs of humans. But in the past few days, its symptoms have been found in the saliva and feces and urine of some patients.

According to scientists, it is still to be ascertained whether the virus remains active inside the sperm. If the virus is also active, for how long? Is there some danger to this? In such a situation, it is not easy to say whether the corona infection spreads through bonding.

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