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For this reason Gandhari wanted to see her son Duryodhana naked

News Track 2020-05-12 07:40:00

You must be watching Mahabharata these days as it is being broadcast again in this lockdown. Today we are going to tell you why Gandhari wanted to see his son Duryodhana naked.

Gandhari was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. By doing penance of Shiva, Gandhari had received this boon from Lord Shiva that anyone she would see with open eyes and see in a naked state, his body would become of Vajra. It is said that before the battle with Bhima, Gandhari opened her eyes and tried to perform Duryodhana's body into Vajra, but due to Krishna's deception, Duryodhana had hidden his genitals with leaves, due to which his genitals and thighs could be turned into Vajra.

Gandhari tells Duryodhana that I will not give you the blessings of Vijayashree but this Shiva bhakti can give you armor. Go to Ganga and take a bath and come directly to me from there, but just like you were at birth. Then Duryodhana says, naked mother? Gandhari says what shame before mother? Go take a bath and come nude. After Duryodhana leaves, Shri Krishna goes to Gandhari's chamber. Gandhari says come Devkinandan. You must remember that 17 days ago I was the mother of a hundred sons and now I am the mother of only one son?

Shri Krishna folds his hands and says yes. Among these dead bodies, there is one body which you do not even recognize and that is the body of the eldest Kaunteya. Then Gandhari says is that of Yudhishthira? Then Shri Krishna says no mother. Radheya was the eldest Kaunteya. Gandhari is stunned to hear this. Shrikrishna says that is why do not think that no son of my Kunti was fighting on behalf of your sons. After telling this secret, Shri Krishna starts going out of the camp, then on the way, Duryodhana is seen naked while going to his mother's camp. Sri Krishna laughs and says, Yuvraj Duryodhan, you in this state? Where did you forget your clothes? And you are going towards Mata Gandhari's camp. Duryodhana is shocked to hear this. Then Shri Krishna says are you going to your mother in this condition? Duryodhana then says that this was the order of Matashree. Then Shri Krishna says but she is your mother.

But now you are an adult son. And no adult Yuvraj goes completely naked in front of his mother. This is not the tradition of Bharatvansh. Then Shri Krishna laughs and says, but you have stopped following the tradition of Bharatvansh. Go mother should not wait, go. Saying this, Krishna goes away from there. After that Duryodhana gets into thinking and then he wraps banana leaves on his genitals and appears in front of Mata Gandhari and says that I have come after taking a bath. Then Gandhari says, I am going to open this bandage tied on my eyes for a moment. I did not see your brothers. I will see you today.

Saying this, Gandhari opens her eyes and sees Duryodhana, then the light comes out from her eyes and falls on Duryodhana's body. Later Gandhari sees Duryodhana has hidden his genitals. Then she says what have you done, son. Then Duryodhana says how can I become naked in front of you mother? Then Gandhari says but I gave you this order. After that, sadly, she again ties her blindfold. Then she says, that part of your body that I did not even see was weak son. The remaining part of the body became of Vajra. If you had not forgotten the tradition of obeying elders, you would have become invincible, son. Hearing this, Duryodhana says that I remove these banana leaves, Mother.

Then Gandhari says that I am not elusive. In that one vision, I had mixed all the power of my devotion, my truth son. Duryodhana then tells her not to worry, Mother. Tomorrow I will fight with Bhima and according to the law of war, hitting below the waist is forbidden. Tomorrow I will kill him. No matter what the end of this war is. In the end, Bhima dislodges Duryodhana's thigh and kills him.