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ASX surges on the back of COVID vaccine hope

The Advertiser 2020-05-19 13:41:09

Kevin Rudd ‘floating conspiracy theories and going loco in isolation’: Kenny

Sky News host Chris Kenny says former prime minister Kevin Rudd “seems to be going loco in isolation” and is now “floating bizarre media conspiracy theories” about his demise on CNN. Mr Kenny said Mr Rudd did an interview with the US media outlet, again flouting the notion “he was a good man, unfairly brought down, not by his Labor colleagues … or by the voters … but by evil media shenanigans”. “As is the way with left of centre media, he was not challenged or pressed for any details or evidence, they just let him run off at the mouth,” Mr Kenny said. “Kevin, if you're watching, the rules have been relaxed, you can go outside, take a walk on the beach, take a load off those broad shoulders, and get back in touch with reality”. Image: News Corp Australia