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When Siddarth Shukla hurt Rashami Desai

Telly Chakkar 2020-05-22 17:01:00

When Siddarth Shukla hurt Rashami Desai

Siddarth hurts Rashami during the task..

MUMBAI: Bigg Boss 13 has become one of the most successful shows on television and all credits go to the contestants and the makers of the show who knew what content to put up for the show.

This time, every contestant had given a tough competition to one and another.

Post the show , Siddarth emerged as the winner of the show, whereas Rashami was the 4th runner up.

Since the beginning of the season, the audience witnessed the fights between Siddarth and Rashami.  From fighting over tasks and discussing their past, the two have been sharing a lot of cold vibes with each other.

But now things have cooled down, and they are cordial with each other. Their fans bestow a lot of love and support over the actors.

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Now we came across a video where Siddarth had hurt Rashami during a task and the actress was quite furious and even blamed Bigg Boss in a way for being partial.

She is also seen telling Bigg Boss that she is badly hurt and this is not the way to play a task, if we are following rules so, should Siddarth also follow the same rules.

There is no doubt, that Siddarth and Rashami make a wonderful pair and the audience loves watching them together.

The video will take you on a nostalgic mode and will take back to the old days of Bigg Boss 13.

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