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Animal Themed Home Décor: 7 Tips to adorn your abode with a wild touch

Pinkvilla 2020-05-22 20:12:16

Animal themed home décor is quite in trend right now. This makes you able to live in a wildlife environment. So, check out the tips to incorporate safari home décor in your own space.

Are you thinking to get an animal-themed home décor? Animal-themed home décor means to adorn your abode with different types of animal motifs to give it a safari-style decoration. This would perfectly enhance your passion for wildlife and will suit your little furry friend as well. But it can be tricky sometimes to decorate your home with safari motif. Hence, we have given you some unique ideas and tips for it.

Safari-style decoration can be opted for any corner of your place including living room and bedroom. You can also play with different types of animal printed decorative items. Some also like to get bold with African décor to take the decoration style to the next level. So, here are some tips to get the best of animal-themed home décor for your abode.

Tips and ideas for a perfect animal-themed home décor:

1-  For safari home décor, opt for earth tones and colours inspired by nature. Use prints and solid patterns in neutral colours like brown, charcoal, black, ivory, khaki, raffia, sienna, tawny, etc. Nature-based green shade is also good to give the home safari décor. You can also choose different types of decorative items in red, yellow, gold, rust, umber and burnt orange hues.

2-  For a wild touch in your bedroom, you can opt for animal printed bed sheets and pillow covers. And if you already have animal prints in your bedroom, then you can go for a forest coloured bed sheet and pillow cover. Bring other decorative items which have a wild touch to them.

3-  Living room would be best enhanced with any items of earthy or dark shades. Adorn the space with different handcrafted furniture and items like bamboo craft.

4-  Animal prints are the staple to give a wild touch to your cosy space. The most popular animal prints are cheetah leopard, tiger, zebra, giraffe, etc.

5-  Make sure you have adorned your wall with different types of animal wall arts, sculptures, decorative masks, figurines, etc.

6-  You can also opt for different tribal stuff to put in different corners of your home to incorporate the wild décor.

7-  While adorning your space with animal motifs, don’t forget to strike a balance. Putting too many animal print stuff may make the décor suffocating. So, you need to bring some houseplants, opt for solid colours and open spaces to minimise things.


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