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When your barista is a robot

betanews 2020-05-22 19:36:20

As the name implies, a robot arm is identical to a human arm not only in appearance but also in its uses and functions. To carry out movements like that of a hand, the robot arm also has an end effector.

These machines are usually used for cutting, processing, and other industrial applications. But have you thought about combining it with a brewing device? This transforms the normal robot arm into a unique robot barista.

Every product is created because of a demand. The main business point behind a robot coffee maker is to make coffee available and convenient in high-traffic places, such as theme parks and shopping malls, thereby eliminating the need to fall in line and wait before being served.

Well, here are the reasons why a brewing robot should be employed.

  1. A brewing bot offers high precision and repeatability. This means that with regard to brewing coffee, this device is able to make one tailored to an individual’s taste.
  2. The robot barista has dexterity of motion that can be compared to a human server and allows it to perform tasks as a human does. Loading and grinding coffee beans, handling the espresso machine, serving a drink -- all these a brewing bot can do.
  3. Latte art? While a machine probably cannot do this task, this poses as an advantage for the human barista. Leave the tedious part of being a server to the machine and enjoy building rapport with customers. Once the drink is ready, the robot passes it on to you to create an artistic product!
  4. While you need to shell out a high initial investment, employing a robotic coffee maker requires less overhead expenses in the long run.
  5. And yes. It’s contactless. The service we appreciate these days the most.

Nowadays, developers of robot coffee makers have a perspective to expand a trading chain, mostly by means of franchising or opening own chain like or . Some companies like Rozum Robotics offer the package to buy. It’s a great start in own coffee business and for developing own café brand.

A robot arm that functions as a barista boasts of the following features that prove to be beneficial:

  • Quick and simple to set-up sales point
  • Minimal placement expenses
  • Uncomplicated workflows, thus reducing the time and money needed for staff training and support
  • User-friendly
  • Straightforward flow of processing orders with the use of an app or order kiosk

To many, employing a robot barista is like a two-edged sword: employers look at the automation provided by the machine as an opportunity to gain more profit, while employees feel insecure about their jobs, with fear that robots might soon take over fully.

This delicate argument has been around since the employment of robots in the service industry. Developers and vendors of coffee robots emphasize that robot coffee makers are not intended to eliminate human workers, but to ease their work and improve productivity.

The human barista has tasks different from the machine. They counsel customers on their choices, provide guidance on placing orders, and interact with them on a more personal level. Humans are also expected to maintain the robots, such as cleaning and servicing them, refilling containers, restocking, etc.

Having a robot barista alongside a human makes coffee serving faster and more consistent. Plus you can be sure personal human touch remains.

Hanna Kidron survived getting a degree in International Communication. Creative writer inspired by the tech-future and all that brings our world to motion. Avid Reader of Isaac Asimov and Elon Musk’s Twitter. Currently working at a robotics company.