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Player respect coach when they feel he can help him excel: Mike Hesson

UNI India-English 2020-05-22 21:47:56

New Delhi, May 22 (UNI) Former New Zealand coach Mike Hesson feels that a coach can only gain the respect of a player once the cricketer identifies that the coach can be of some use to him and can make him a better sportsperson.
''Once the player identifies that you are of use to them as a coach, then you’ve got their respect and for some coaches that takes longer time than others," Hesson said on the Star Sports show Cricket Connected.
"When you become useful to a player, they actually think that this guy is going to be helpful for me to get the best out of me as a player. It’s not about just telling them stories about what you used to do as a player, but it is about them genuinely thinking that you can help them become a player, ' he added.