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Heart-melting Video of Elderly New York Couple Married for 70 Years Re-Uniting After Months of Being Apart Due to Coronavirus Is Making Netizens Emotional! | πŸ‘ LatestLY

Latestly 2020-05-22 21:48:29

Heartmelting Video of Elderly Couple Re-uniting (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Coronavirus has created havoc and the elderly have to bear the worst of the situation. Most of the older people have been placed in self-quarantine because they are more prone to contracting COVID-19 infection than the younger generation. However, this also means separating older couples who are in love and watching them stay apart to protect them from spreading coronavirus to each other. While it is a heartbreaking sight to see older couple taken away from each other, a viral video of an elderly couple reuniting after being separated for months will fill your heart with warmth. After spending apart for months due to the coronavirus pandemic, 89-year-old Jean and 91-year-old Walter Willard, reunited at their nursing home in Troy, New York and the video is the most beautiful thing you'll see today.

The couple has been married for 70 years but when you see the video it will look like they're walking fresh out of college kissing each other like there is no tomorrow! The video is making netizens emotional. Watch video:

After spending months apart due to the coronavirus pandemic, 89-year-old Jean and 91-year-old Walter Willard, who have been married for 70 years, were reunited at their nursing home in Troy, New York.

β€” CBS This Morning (@CBSThisMorning) May 21, 2020

"God bless this couple! I have been married 25 years I think I’m going to do the same thing never stop loving my husband it’s not hard trust me you just believe what you love," one comment read. "This is so heartwarming.

70 years together and they still love and need each other," read another comment. People cannot contain their emotions and are demanding to know more of their stories about their love life. But honestly, if true love exists, this is what it looks like!

In the month of Feb, a clip has surfaced on social media showing an elderly couple, infected by the deadly coronavirus. They were lying in their hospital beds in their 80s but they could be seen holding hands, hoping to get recovered. The clip went viral, leaving internet users in tears.