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Preparation of corona vaccine test on ten thousand people in Britain is going on

News Crab 2020-05-23 13:18:39
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Coronavirus infection which has spread devastation all over the world is not taking its name. So far, more than 52 lakh people have been infected worldwide and more than 3.33 lakh have died. In such a situation, efforts are on to make its vaccine in all countries and positive results have also been seen in many places. In this episode, Britain is now preparing to test the corona vaccine on ten thousand people. The trial of experimental vaccines prepared by British scientists has entered the next stage. After its success, a total of 10,026 people from every category in the UK, including children and the elderly, will be tested.

Last month researchers at the University of Oxford began testing more than a thousand volunteers to test the vaccine's effectiveness and safety. "The clinical study is moving in the right direction," said Andrew Pollard, head of the team involved in developing the vaccine. We are also going to start vaccine testing on the elderly to find out if it can protect the entire population.

The vaccine formulated by the University of Oxford has used a non-damaging chimpanzee cold virus. Such changes have been made in it so that the body becomes equipped with proteins that fight the corona. The Chinese company is also developing a similar vaccine. The US-based National Institutes of Health and Mordena Inc. and Invio Pharmaceutical are also developing vaccines.

It is believed that it is like gambling for companies and governments. If it fails, a huge amount of money will be wasted, but fortunately, if successful, giving vaccines to people on a large scale can begin within a few months.

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