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Keep your children busy in Lockdown by these following tips

Naukri Nama 2020-05-23 13:17:26

In the Covid-19 pandemic, we stay at home as much as we can and follow the World Health Organization (WHO), Department Of Health (DOH), and Local Government Unit (LGU) protocols to help stop the spread of coronavirus. However, in this situation how our kids stay active and avoid too much exposure to gadgets? Here are some simple ways to make them busy:

Let them involved in doing the household chores and be sure you join in to get them as a family. Sweeping the floor, washing dishes, and baking are samples of a simple task that they can do with you. You might want also to play songs that will uplift their mood.

We can do a dance party and let your kids be the DJ and we could show them your best dance move. Also, you could play the Voice Kids for a change and you will be the coach. Or even a simple Karoke concert will add fun.

A simple stretching, Zumba, and simple calisthenics will do to stay them active that will maintain good health both physically and mentally.

Of course, you too should be an active model. If you are too lazy and laidback to do activities, your children might imitate it. When your children see that you are enjoying time being active, they will be more likely to model your behavior.

Show them how to play board games or can also play video games.