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Muslim Lovers Publicly Whipped For Having Sexual Intercourse Outside Of Marriage

allindiaroundup 2020-06-09 15:00:42

A couple from Indonesia was publicly lashed 100 times each after they were caught in the act having sex before marriage.

Despite the threat of COVID-19, dozens gathered outside a mosque in Indonesia’s hardline Islamic Aceh Besar region on Friday last week to watch the couple being whipped.

The couple was sentenced to 100 lashes each for having sex before marriage, which violated the region’s super strict laws.

The practice has continued despite a ban on mass gatherings during this coronavirus pandemic.

Local officials insist that they have taken adequate safety measures.

The couple had their temperatures checked and wore face masks as they were flogged with a cane outside a mosque in the town of Jantho, which is on the western tip of Sumatra.

The man, whose name was not shared with the public, could not take the pain that was being given to him, so authorities had to stop the flogging for a couple of seconds.

A second flogger had to be called in to finish the punishment of the woman after the first one became tired.

Agus Kelana Putra, the head of general crime division at the prosecutor’s office in Aceh Besar district, said:

This young couple deserved 100 lashes because they violated Islamic law.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the crowd was smaller than usual.

A local resident said:

Not so many people came because today because they’ve seen it many times before… or they’re afraid of Covid-19.

Aceh is the only region in Indonesia that implements strict Islamic law.

Whippings are carried out for what the region declare crimes, which includes gay sex, drinking alcohol, adultery, and gambling.

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