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60 Minutes Australia: Inside the depraved world of Maddie McCann’s key suspect

Courier Mail 2020-06-29 02:33:00

Since the night Madeline McCann disappeared, her “anguished but unbroken” parents Kate and Gerry have never let the world forget their daughter.

For the past 13 years, since their little girl went missing on a family holiday in Portugal, they never stopped searching for answers, and say they hope she is still alive.

Now, alarming new evidence revealed by 60 Minutes Australia could hold vital clues to Maddie’s 2007 disappearance.

On June 4, German authorities made a shock announcement declaring the three-year-old dead, and leading to that announcement is believed to be a disturbing discovery in the campervan Christian Brueckner.

According to 60 Minutes, more than 8000 disturbing pieces of evidence, including videos and pictures reportedly of his alleged crimes — including the swimsuits of little girls — were discovered in the van inhabited by the 43-year-old German sex offender.