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East Bengal Players’ Contracts Terminated, Evicted From Homes

the quint 2020-06-30 00:57:29

“As many people know, the club has been signing new players also. So we do feel if you're signing new players and if you have the money to pay new players, you should be having enough finance in your budget to play the old players also,” said Bhattacharya.

East Bengal FC celebrated its centenary year in 2019.(Photo: IANS)

The i-league season was cancelled on 16 April with 28 matches remaining in the season and Mohun Bagan were declared champions. Most players returned to their home towns and the foreigners went back to their countries. However, the handful of players and a coaching staff who are still in the city in May were dealt yet another rude shock as they were evicted out of their homes by month-end despite the city being in complete lockdown due to the coronavirus.

“Most of the Indian players who were asked to evict their homes in the middle of the month, I think in May, they managed to go home. There were a couple of foreigners who had a bit of a problem but then they managed to find a place. We, at the time thought it wasn’t humane to do something like that,” said Bhattacharya who has been in close contact with the players and helping them with the way forward.

However, as he informed The Quint, players being not paid and contracts being terminated with no just cause is nothing new to the i-league.

“You know the older clubs – with all due respect to them – as much a fan following as they have, they have always been burdened by these problems of unprofessionalism and players not getting paid. We have seen a lot of cases like this before. Obviously not because of the pandemic – the pandemic is something new to the World – but we have seen before also that when players have faced tough situations, clubs have abandoned them,” he said.

We'll get through this! Meanwhile, here's all you need to know about the Coronavirus outbreak to keep yourself safe, informed, and updated.

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