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Hyderabad: PV's grandson takes a dig at Majlis for terming grandpa a 'BJP PM'

Hans India 2020-06-30 00:57:08
PV’s grandson takes a dig at Majlis for terming grandpa a ‘BJP PM’

Hyderabad: N V Subhash, the Telangana BJP Spokesperson and grandson of former Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao lashed out at the MIM for calling PV 'BJP prime minister'.

In a statement on Monday, he took objection to the Majlis calling the former PM as a BJP prime minister. He said it shows AIMIM's narrow mindedness.

The whole country paying homage to the departed legendary and versatile leader, but, the party which had taken birth in the soil of Telangana and its leaders enjoying the fruits of PV's economic reforms along with 1.3-crore Indian population, making such comments is ridiculous.

At least, it should pay respects to him being a loving son of the Telangana. He asked the Majlis, it's time that it shall "pop out from the trance of religious zealotry."

He said that the late PM contributed enormously for development of the country as well to his Congress party. Though a century-old party's leadership has neglected and do not pay "due respect to this great person, "Indian citizens irrespective of their political background and religion, always remembered him as a great visionary who had brought the country's economy back to life from the ICU", he added.

He said that the former PM cannot be held responsible for demolition of Babri Masjid, "no matter if a section of community criticise him. The issue of Babri Masjid is amicably settled by Supreme Court, then, why rake up it up now," he asked.

Further, just because PV had opposed Nizams and Razakar's rule in Hyderabad State and just because all parties including PM Modi started praising him for his contributions to the country, it seems that the Majlis chief Asaduddin Owaisi wanted to criticise him for publicity, he said.