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Timely intel alert and police preparedness foiled PSX attack

The News 2020-06-30 07:36:47

ISLAMABAD: It was the perfect combination of timely issuance of intelligence alerts and quick response by policy and security officials that has foiled Indian-backed BLA’s terrorist attack on the Pakistan Stock Exchange on Monday.

Informed sources said that the intelligence agencies had the information that the terrorist may attack certain targets in Karachi. Intelligence alerts were also issued one of which had clearly identified Pakistan Stock Exchange as the possible target of the terrorists. Following these reports, the Karachi police beefed up the PSX’s security and deployed a team of its commandos. The private security of the Pakistan Stock Exchange was also enhanced.

Karachi police sources said that in view of this preparedness when the Indian sponsored BLA attacked the Pakistan Stock Exchange building, they were quickly countered and killed. Days before the Monday’s attack, an intelligence alert was issued warning police and others concerned to prepare for the possible attack. The report had recommended enhancement of police deployment at and inside Pakistan Stock Exchange. According to the intelligence alert, Pakistan Stock Exchange is one of the key business installations of the country.

A large number of businessmen and investors come to PSX for business activities, the alert said. The intelligence alert had also discussed the then security level of the PSX and feared that any terrorist might manage to enter the premises of Pakistan Stock Exchange to carry out any sabotaging activities.

“Therefore, it is recommended that Police deployment may be enhanced at and inside PSX,” said the report, adding, “It is pertinent to mention that backside of Pakistan Stock Exchange, area opposite the railway tracks is hub of illegal activities which might be used by terrorists to attack PSX.” It was recommended that security arrangements be enhanced and new police posts should be established on the backside of the building, which faces the railway track.

In the light of this intelligence report, the police reviewed the security situation in and around the Pakistan Stock Exchange and upgraded the same to counter a possible terrorist attack. On Monday, when the terrorists attacked the PSX they were quickly and successfully countered by the police and private security guards deployed there. According to media reports a police sub inspector and two security guards were martyred while successfully repelling this terrorist attack. All the four heavily armed terrorists were killed.

The terrorists had come heavily equipped with modern weaponry and had entered the building from the parking area of the PSX but they were killed before causing any destruction. In charge of the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) Raja Umar Khatab said that the terrorists had planned for a long fight but they were failed to fulfill their evil design. The terrorist organization BLA has claimed the responsibility of the attack and said that it was BLA’s “Majeed brigade” which had hit the PSX.