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MD Housing/his officers prefers to delay genuine cases: Proved cases of dead wood

CrossTown News 2020-06-30 07:39:12

Jammu, June 29: Time & again Govt issued orders regarding work culture but not seen & implemented on ground.

Cross Town News published time & again with proof non compliances done by officers but no actions by the Govt on such officers made them more powerful.

One of the latest live example of such non compliance is of the boss MD, Housing Board, Arvind Kotwal, who as a reward of such activitys being retired on superannuation honourably on today after giving harassment to un countable innocents in various departments, where ever he would have worked.

He along with nexus of his staff especially Collector, Senior Programmer and concerned clerks prefered to sleep on files & use to clear the cases by adopting method of pick & choose, which can be verified from the receipt date of cases & clearance date.

Pertinent to mention here that one case for transfer of plot was submitted to the big boss, MD by Dy General Manager, Unit II vide No.      dated:           but the concerned clerk namely Rakesh Kumar, who was already sleeping on arround 40 to 50 files of similer nature also slept on the said case.

After making lot of requests, the small boss of big boss moved the said case on           followed by another boss of the office Yogesh Kumar, Senior Programmer, marked on the file on    05-2020 with the comments "Put up in Committee"  but thereafter till 15.06.2020, nothing was done but in case of transfer of plot of MD, committee was constituted within days & plot was transferred.

It is a matter of great concern to see the status of such cases pending in the office of MD & their clearance in between clearance of case of MD & after filing of RTI over the issue by one applicant on 18.05.2020 & till date shall deffinatly detect a pick & choose scam by the bosses of MD Housing, which otherwise speaks of vested considerations.

But honourable retirement to such bosses is also a question mark on so called transparent Govt, otherwise recently CVC ordered to punish the officers well in service, who are induldged in corrupt practices but in vein.