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Lunar eclipse will be on July 5, Know its beliefs related to health and diet

News Track 2020-06-30 03:49:00

The lunar eclipse is going to happen on July 5. Today we are going to tell you the beliefs related to health and diet in eclipse.

* It is said that the Sutak period begins even before the eclipse occurs. Nothing should be eaten after the sutak period.

* Eclipse can affect nutrients. It is also said that cooking is also prohibited during this time.

* Some people observe fast during the entire eclipse and some do not eat and drink. It is said that sick people should not keep fast during this time.

* During this time, pregnant women are advised to take satvik food, along with this they are also asked to apply cow dung on their stomach.

* It is also said that after putting 8-10 drops of basil leaves in water, boil it and drink it.

The lunar eclipse which will be held on 5 July in the year 2020, will actually be in Las Angeles on July 4 from 08:05 to 10:52. It is estimated that it will be around three to three hours. Simultaneously, it will be seen in Cape Town on July 5, and will be there till 5 in the morning. After the lunar eclipse on 5 July, the next lunar eclipse will take place exactly 5 months 25 days later on 30 November and after this, the full solar eclipse will take place on 14 December 2020.