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Robert Kardashian announces his return into the limelight at Khloe Kardashian’s birthday party

Pinkvilla 2020-06-30 18:11:46

As Robert Kardashian stepped back into the limelight at Khloe Kardashian's birthday party over the weekend and photos of him on social media did not go unnoticed by fans.

Written By Pinkvilla Desk 13177 reads Mumbai Published: June 30, 2020 02:54 pm

The Kardashian-Jenner family gathered on Saturday to celebrate Khloe's 36th birthday, throwing her a gigantic party, complete with inflatables, sweets and colourful decorations. In new pictures from the party, 33-year-old star Robert Kardashian looked slimmer and seemed thrilled to be seen. He captioned a photo of himself, "Woo back baby," as he smiled with Tristan Thompson, who is Khloe's ex, and friend Savas Oguz.


"Sweet 16 woo," Rob, 33, wrote on Instagram on Sunday, sharing a sweet photo of himself with an arm around Kourtney, 41, as he wore a blue hat and a black hoodie. Mom Kris posted the same photo on her own account, captioning it, "These two cuties." It didn't take long for the rare Rob sighting to get the attention of the internet as fans gushed about unexpectedly getting to see him.


The compliments also poured in over Kardashian's appearance with many commenting that he both looked good and happy. According to a source via E News, the star is doing extremely well as he focuses on his daughter and his health, "Rob has been thriving during quarantine," the source said. "Rob's been continuously putting effort into his health and wellness and is happier than ever," the source added. "He's doing great and is in a good headspace," the source added. "He seems happier than ever and is enjoying being around in social settings more." 


And while fans don't typically see as much of him on the family's reality show, behind the scenes, he isn't far from them. "He spends a lot of time with Khloe and loves to bring Dream to her house for play dates. Rob also spends a lot of time at Kris's house and they have a very close relationship," the source said.

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