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Watch Colbert remake a fear-mongering Trump campaign ad with nothing but ‘Home Alone’ footage

Adage India 2020-07-23 21:33:47

The woman calls 911, but gets a recording—“I am sorry no one is here to answer your emergency call”—just as the intruder succeeds in crowbarring her front door open. The ad then ends with this on-screen tagline: “You won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America.”

“Now, like a lot of scary movies,” Colbert says, “this ad is all make-believe, because as multiple news outlets, including Fox News, have fact-checked, Joe Biden did not call for defunding the police. And as Joe Biden said in a recent op-ed, ‘I don’t support defunding the police.’” (Read that op-ed, which was published by USA Today, here.) Colbert then has a little fun by repeatedly taking the same “Yes, absolutely” Biden clip the ad misused and finding novel misuses for it.

Closing out the monologue, Colbert adds, “I’m not even sure why they bothered using footage of that old lady in the first place. It turns out that entire ad can be recreated using just clips from the movie ‘Home Alone.’” As Joe Biden might say, “Yes, absolutely."