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20 Hilarious Reviews That Warn People About The Hilarious Consequences Of Eating Too Many Sugar-Free Gummy Bears

Bored Panda 2020-07-24 02:30:03

"One of the worst days of my life," "help me," "The horror at 30,000 feet!" Taken out of their original context, these phrases might sound scary. Terrifying, even. However, you all know that it's all about the context, and in this case, it's actually a pretty hilarious one.

Long story short, turns out that sugar-free gummies will most probably send you rushing to the bathroom. It's all because of the innocent-sounding sugar alcohol called maltitol, which is found in the ingredient called lycasin. Apparently, Haribo sugarless gummy bears are no exception when it comes to sugar alcohol, and boy, what a wild ride the Amazon review section for the gummies is. For this list, we recommend you put away snacks and drinks because your appetite will probably be ruined in no time. Scroll down below to read the hilariously awful experiences people had with sugar-free Haribo gummies and vote for the ones that made you laugh!

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