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IPL 2020 In Time Of COVID : BCCI Prepares Standard Operating Procedure For IPL

News Track En 2020-07-30 11:46:00

There are some of the key norms in the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) prepared by the Indian cricket board to be sent soon to IPL franchise owners for the T20 tournament that is expected to be held in the UAE from September to November. Th 13th season of IPL will be held outside India in the UAE.

No Fans inside the stadium at least in the beginning. Commentators to sit six feet apart in studios. Less crowded dugouts, not more than 15 players in a dressing room. Post-match award presentations to follow social distancing norms. And four Covid tests in two weeks for all players. These are the key norms in SOP.

The BCCI has reportedly prepared the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for IPL as it finalises preparations to conduct the high-profile event safely amidst coronavirus pandemic.

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Players will have to undergo four rounds of coronavirus testing – two in India before departure and twice during the quarantine period in UAE.  Fans will also be not permitted in the initial stage of the tournament but depending on the coronavirus situation, they may be subsequently allowed.

As part of the SOP, nobody who forms part of the tournament in any capacity be it the players, match officials. Even the team bus driver among others will not be allowed to break the bio-secure bubble.


“Once they are in the bio-bubble, no one can break it and rejoin,”  BCCI official as said.

The issue of allowing family members including wives and girlfriends has also been left to the franchises.

“The BCCI will not decide whether WAGs and family members can travel with the players, we have left it to the franchises. But we have put out a protocol in which everyone, even team bus drivers, can’t leave the bio-bubble,” the official said.

The SOP will be handed over to the franchises during the meeting scheduled for next week. “The SOP will be handed over to the franchises once we have a meeting with them next week. If they have any grievances, they can come back to the board and we will discuss it,” the official revealed.

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Players will have to join their respective teams at the same time. Also, a maximum of 15 players to be permitted inside the team dressing room. Franchises to arrange for their own accommodation. In addition, won’t be allowed to change hotels once booked.

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