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Never try these Skincare Hacks at home

Naukri Nama 2020-07-30 14:33:29

Nowadays there are hacks of every other thing, some hacks are really good and save our time and effort. However, there are also some hacks that do more harm than good. Our skin is extremely sensitive so for this some hacks should be tried carefully. So let’s know which are these hacks: Melting your blackheads- Do not pop or squeeze your blackheads as it can cause irritation and can be very painful to you. There is famous hack to melt the blackheads that is to apply petroleum jelly on the blackheads and then place a hot towel above it but do not do this as this will clog your pores can cause more blackheads. Using lemon juice as a bleach- Lemon juice is used in every other skin routine and homemade face packs. It should not be applied to directly to your face can cause redness or rashes on the skin. Baking soda as skin whitening- It disturbs the natural pH level of the skin and removes the natural oils from the skin which leads to dry skin.

Cinnamon as lip plumpers- The most common hack is mixing cinnamon powder with honey and applying this mixture to your lips. Our lips is super thin and spice like cinnamon can be very harmful for them, while some people are allergic to it, so it is not good for to use this.