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Sonia-Manmohan talks with Congress Rajya Sabha MPs

News Track 2020-07-30 05:50:00

New Delhi: A big meeting of Congress was held on Thursday on the issue of the Corona epidemic and political situation in the country. The interim president of Congress, Sonia Gandhi, held discussions with the Rajya Sabha MPs of the party during this period. Former PM Manmohan Singh was also present in this meeting. The meeting was organized in a virtual manner on behalf of Congress, in which Sonia Gandhi discussed with Rajya Sabha MPs elected from different states.

Coronavirus epidemic, political atmosphere was discussed in this meeting. During this, Congress President Sonia Gandhi, former PM Manmohan Singh also addressed the MPs. Significantly, recently Rajya Sabha elections have been held in many states, many new MPs have also taken oath. Many new MPs from Congress have also reached the Upper House, which were discussed in this meeting. There has been an uproar in the Congress government in Rajasthan, there has been a danger of going to the government for the last about a month.

This meeting of Sonia Gandhi, the interim president of Congress, is also important because soon her term as executive president is going to end. The term is to end on August 10 and before that, Congress has to name its new chairman in the Election Commission. Everyone's eyes are on whether Rahul Gandhi will once again take over the reins of the party.