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Tej Pratap Yadav slams Nitish Kumar government

News Track 2020-07-30 06:05:00

Patna: Bihar is struggling badly with floods, Chamki Fever and corona epidemic but the representatives of the ruling party and the opposition are busy in its political. While the Opposition is attacking the government by counting its faults, the ruling party is opposing the Opposition, advising it to refrain from making political commentaries on the corona and floods.

Meanwhile, Tej Pratap Yadav, former health minister of Bihar and elder son of RJD president Lalu Yadav, has targeted the state's Nitish Kumar government. He has written in the tweet, 'Bihar Tum Dah Jao, Tum Beh Jao, Tum Mar Jao, Hume Bas Sone Do! Kyunki Mein Nitish Kumar Hu, Maine 'Sushasan' Shabd Ka Nirman Jo Kiya Hai.' In another tweet, Tej Pratap Yadav shared a video that wrote, 'Such a ventilator is not sure,' Pakistan 'and' China 'will also have it ..! Although it took 15 years, it was made by Nitish Kumar and Sushil Modi together.

Rabri Devi, the former CM of Bihar and mother of Tej Pratap, has also hit the Bihar government by tweeting. Rabri Devi wrote, 'Remember the uterine scam of this merciless Sushanti government, these poor people did not even leave the womb of mothers. Do such inhuman people have the right to remain in power? '


बिहार तुम "दह" जाओ, तुम "बह" जाओ, तुम "मर" जाओ, हमें बस सोने दो..!

क्योंकि मैं नीतीश कुमार हूँ, मैंने "सुशासन" शब्द का निर्माण जो किया है।।

— Tej Pratap Yadav (@TejYadav14) July 30, 2020