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SC gets angry at employees not getting the salary! said- Center should give salary till this date

News Crab 2020-07-31 20:24:39

The Supreme Court has reprimanded the four state governments in the matter of security, convenience, and salary of doctors and medical staff fighting the war against Corona. On Friday, the Supreme Court took a tough stance on not paying salaries to doctors and medical staff in Delhi, Maharashtra, Punjab, and Karnataka. A hearing was held in the Supreme Court today on the matter of giving facility and salary.

The Supreme Court has taken a tough stance in Delhi, Tripura, Maharashtra, Punjab, and Karnataka for not paying salaries on time. The court has also taken up the case of a quarantine period of doctors being treated as leave. The Supreme Court asked the Central Government to give clear information on this. The Supreme Court said that salaries cannot be deducted by declaring such doctors' leave. The Supreme Court directed the Central Government to ensure that all the doctors are given salaries by 10 August.

Justice MR Shah, a member of the Supreme Court bench, said that you have got powers under the DM Act. Therefore, you can also take steps in this direction. Explain that in the midst of the Corona crisis, a petition was filed in the Supreme Court regarding the problem of health workers. In the petition, the petitioner had complained that the quarantine period was being treated as leave and the salary of the employees was being deducted if the health workers were found to be corona positive!