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Drink juice of this fruit to make the memory faster!

News Crab 2020-07-31 21:25:02

Orange is very beneficial for health. Along with oranges, there are benefits of drinking orange juice. Drinking orange juice benefits both health and skin. If you eat orange juice, it makes your mind refreshed and fit. Continuous consumption of orange juice shows a considerable improvement in the memory of the elderly within just two months.

Recent research has found that flavonoids is a natural chemical found in significant amounts in oranges and affects the part of the brain that is associated with human learning ability and information collection. By affecting this part, flavonoid improves the memory of the elderly.

Let me tell you that this study conducted by a team of Rikshadag University, 37 people aged 60 to 81 years, of which 24 were women and 13 men. These people were given to drink 500 ml of orange juice daily for eight weeks. Prior to the start of the study, the recall, response time, and interaction time of these people were assessed as well as after the completion of the study. This showed that after the consumption of orange juice for only two months, people saw much improvement in these abilities.