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Many dangerous diseases are caused by eating these things!

News Crab 2020-07-31 21:25:03


Even if the bread is available in the market in any way, it is very harmful to our health. Bread does not contain any kind of protein, fiber, and vitamins. Brown bread is more harmful than white bread, which contains a lot of carbohydrates, sodium and gluten, which causes many diseases.

Soft drinks

People who ingest about six bottles of soft drinks every day become less sensitive to insulin due to which the level of glucose in their blood is not able to be controlled and cholesterol levels increase. New research has claimed that consuming diet soft drinks once a day can increase the risk of a heart attack in a person.

Fast food

Many types of diseases can occur due to fast food, such as fast food which increases obesity. New research suggests that fast food is not good for the brain. According to the researchers, along with the harm to the brain, chemicals found in fried foods give rise to many distortions in the brain. By this, the person does not know how to waste his hunger.