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Ethio Telecom amasses 47.7 bln birr revenue

News Summed Up 2020-08-01 05:30:00

- Vandalism costs the company direly- Government bars telecom infrastructure companies- KPMG completes asset valuationThe national telecom company, Ethio Telecom, has generated 47.7 billion birr revenue in the 2019-2020 fiscal year that ended June30, 2020. Ethio Telecom spent 1.1 billion birr on corporate social responsibilities, the highest amount that the telecom firm allocated for such programs. Frehiowt was proud to announce that Ethio Telecom is financing the scientific research being undertaken on COVID-19 medicines. Ethio Telecom is a public enterprise that is making a significant contribution in the economic development of the country. The management of Ethio Telecom protested the attempt to allow foreign telecom infrastructure firms to cater the service locally.