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Boy is declared 'a hero' after antics in the background of BBC beach report

News Summed Up 2020-08-01 05:30:00

A young boy has become the unlikely star of a weather forecast after his comical antics were caught on live television. Viewers were left in hysterics today after the young boy, decided to crash BBC news reporter Jen Bartram's live beach report from South Shields and display an array of entertaining moves in the background. Within seconds, the young boy, who has since been hailed a 'hero' by social media users, appears in the background and begins to display his comical moves after spotting the camera. Following the incident, the BBC news reporter took to social media to praise the 'real star' of the weather report and share a clip of the young boy's antics. The post has since been met with an array of comments from amused social media users, with one hailing the boy a 'hero'.