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Family Finds A Secret Letter Written By A 10-Year-Old Girl Named Poppy Hidden In Their Newly Purchased Caravan

Bored Panda 2020-08-15 03:04:45

The concept of finding a secret letter or a message hidden somewhere sounds really exciting. To be completely honest, I often find myself looking for them in forgotten library books, on old furniture, public building walls, and other places that seem promising at first glance. Unfortunately, I rarely find something truly interesting.

Recently, a Facebook page called ABC Adelaide shared an interesting note captured by a woman named Kirsty Duncan. Apparently, this woman bought a caravan along with her family and accidentally found a secret letter hidden in one of the drawers.

This adorable letter was written by a 10-year-old girl named Poppy

And here’s what the letter said: “Hi, my name is Poppy and I am 10 years old. This used to be our caravan and we travelled half of Australia in it. This was my bed (the top bunk) and it was very good. This draw (which is where you found this letter) was where I kept all of my special things that I couldn’t leave behind when we went travelling. I hope that you enjoy this caravan very much. I am in grade 5 and I am very good at art. I have a message for you; Follow your dreams and if you have the choice between being right or being kind choose kind. Enjoy this caravan.”

Many people found this secret letter super cute and jumped in by sharing hidden letters that they were lucky enough to find themselves.

“Not hidden… but placed on my car window prior to Christmas last year from a stranger. Was a lovely message that came at a good time for me”

“A beautiful friend of mine was going through cancer treatment and was in the change room and found this. It filled her with love and hope”

“I found hidden messages behind the light switch covers of our house… definitely not beautiful like this”

“I found this around Easter time at my work (supermarket). I was incredibly stressed and overwhelmed at the time with how busy it was because of Covid/panic buying and I cried when I found this lovely letter”

“Last year we bought an old caravan to renovate. When we pulled the oven out we found this behind it. It didn’t belong to the family we bought it off so must have been the original owners’. Very cool to think our caravan has already been around Australia! If only it had dates on it! We plan to continue documenting its trips”

“Found this in a plane magazine when I needed it most”

“Written for his sister, I found it while clearing my workstation. Been there since 2001”

“In our letterbox a couple of years ago”

“Yes, and here it is, found walking in Beaumont, so cute”

“Not so much a letter, but this was written in place of a mirror in a hostel bathroom in Cambodia”

“From my granddaughter when aged 6 1/2 for my birthday”

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